Safe Constipation Remedies during Pregnancy

It is always wise to switch over the anxieties for any constant problem during pregnancy even when it is simple constipation. It is better to use some safe constipation remedies during pregnancy at home rather than running yourself into some complex medication

After already being patient to follow the adequate diet, right exercise & drinking lot of water to fight constipation and hemorrhoids it is better that you ask your health care provider for an over-the-counter fiber supplement.

Fiber supplements are the best and most safe constipation remedies during pregnancy, and always much better than trying some other medications. Over-the-counter fiber supplements have been widely used and recommended by doctors during pregnancy for combating constipation. Fiber supplements are plants soluble fibers that are difficult to digest by the body hence they will help to absorb water while moving through intestine and create soft and lubricated passage for the feces to evacuate.

Metamucil (methylcellulose) and (Citrucel) psyllium husk are the two best acceptable fiber supplements. Another one is Benefiber’s Guar gum but should only be tried after seeking permission from your healthcare provider first. These fibers can work miraculously when taken with plenty of water which is the basis for these supplements to work.

Pregnant mom’s who are prone to constipation before pregnancy should include adequate fiber in their diet along with fiber supplement to minimize constipation during pregnancy! Apart from this don’t forget to follow the golden rules like:

  • Avoid all types of stress, worries and anxieties which can further aggravate constipation.
  • Eating more fiber-rich foods, like fruit, vegetables, cereals and whole grain bread, will help provide the necessary roughage.
  • At least 8-12 glasses a day of water is recommended to make your feces soft. Prune juice and many other fruit juices will be of additional help. Any form of solute weather water or juices, tea or coffee counts towards the total amount of water consumed.
  • Pregnancy exercise: will be really helpful to tone your rectal muscle and tone your digestive system on. Walking, swimming, yoga and other household activity without any risk involved will help you in easy bowel movements. Always ask your trainer to exercise how much and how often, generally 20-30 minutes of exercise two or three times a week can have a beneficial effect, not only for your digestive system, but also your general well-being.
  • Senokot Hi-Fiber drink is highly recommended fiber supplement to take care of constipation. Consult your doctor to see weather this one is suitable for you or not after going through ingredients.

If you are taking an iron supplements, make sure you drink the minimum recommendation of 7-8 glasses of water a day.

Don’t restrain your stools after episiotomy or tear. It will further strain you during evacuation and make duration longer. Try gently holding clean gauze during the bowel movement – an unlikely event in any case.

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